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MS : Vant Adiere by LemonCaramel MS : Vant Adiere by LemonCaramel
For :iconmahoushonen:

this group is like full of magic-- that i can't help but applying-- //killed
this will seriously be my last group-- //welp maybe second last??//shot


Name : Vant Adiere
Age : 18
Gender : Male
Nationality : Romanian
Personality :
- He’s not the type who loves to study much, since he loves to focus more on machinery and weapons in which his family excel into. Every time he’s in school, he ends up dowsing all day, and wake up only after the class end, making him fail to get the most important part of study every day.

- He loves animal, cat in particular, and because he has the love for animal, he’s very gentle and friendly to everyone he meet.

- Being very passionate in weaponary, he learns so much of it, and sometime he help to test every weapon that his family make before selling them out. He also passionate into building his social life, being friends, and making friends is what he good at.

- Although he always day dream whenever studying, he always being reserved, listen attentively when needed.

Biography :
He was the only child born in Adiere family. He was raised properly, and had received enough love from his hardworking father and his loving mother. His family majoring in weaponary, machines and antics, he was exposed with myths, and legends, since every antics behind them, lays a story.

He grow up, having friends, until when he was in a high school, his parents decided to go abroad, searching for more antics, and studies more about weapons. He sent them off happily, though that’s what he thought---

His house suddenly feeling so empty, being the only child is only making things worse. He suddenly find himself eat alone, playing alone. Being very frustrated, he swings one of the weapons in his house garden, aimlessly, when someone called out to him.

“psst—hey— you look like you’re having fun”

He glances around and saw a beautiful girl look at him while peeking through the walls between them. He went to her and was curious enough on how she comes across the place, since the place he lived is kind of a distant from the neighborhood.

“people say that vampire live here, so I was going to see if it’s true.”

Vant quickly laugh at her word, and shook his head. He tell her that the house is his families, and the reason why the house is a bit far from the neighborhood is because the family didn’t want to bother their neighborhood when their forging weapons. Hearing this, the kid frown a bit, as she chuckles, she introduced himself as Alice, and promise to come back.

Alice, keep her promise by coming by to Vant’s place almost everyday, and they soon become friends. However, things started to change after several years, Alice always come late at their designated times, and she always look tired, and sometimes refusing to play with him. Not going to bother her by coming to his place, Vant ask for her address but Alice shook her head, and refused to say anything on where she lived.

One night, Vant was going to sleep, when he suddenly he hears someone shook on his house gate, he peek through his house and manage to see that Alice collapsed outside his house. Feeling shocked, he quickly went outside, bring her in and called ambulance. He tried to call out her name when she slowly opened her eyes.

"Vant--- I- I’m happy knowing you, to tell you the truth—I was hoping that vampire exist--- you see—I heard that by drinking vampire’s blood you’ll be able to live longer and you’ll regain health—but—instead of meeting vampire, I meet you.. well.. I guess it’s fine… I think I’ve live longer to know you… if only I could… if only I could.. "

Vant crying all he want, and start to shout at the phone, he could sense that Alice breathing becomes heavy, as she can’t breathe properly.

"Vant.. I bought you this brooch.. today is your birthday.. It’s a clockwork and it’s an antique too… i.. I hope you like it…. Im tired… so I’ll be sleeping.. okay??"

Trying his best to make her awake, he tried his best not to make her fall asleep, but after awhile… things went silence, and no words or any breathing is coming out from Alice again.

The next day, he come to Alice funeral, and he found out that Alice actually an orphan with heart problems, he cried silently, he look upon the clockwork brooch and found out that the clock isn’t working, inside, there’s a word which have been carved into.

"Before the stopped clock, lies a story,
The moment the clock stop, Love is there eternally."

Magical Name : Super Soldier Blazing Crimson
Color : Red Crimson
Quote : Crimson Saga Shine Your Way!
Heart Gem :
Vant’s heart lies within the clockwork from Alice’s gift. Always treasure the friendship and love between them, he keep the brooch within his sight, and always wear it as a respect for the relationship between them. Knowing this, Fyelixion fused his Crimson heart gem to it.

Angelus : [Fyelixion] [Ennedi Tiger] [♂]

★Bio :
Fyelixion is kind of like a police in Angelus world, being very passionate by his work, he always look after all the Angeluses, though there’s nothing much to be taking care of, since Angelus world lives in prosperity and peace. He loves to loaf around Angelus, imagine of something adventurous, though he know it’ll be kind of impossible knowing that Angelus is forever will be peace. It was only because of the peace and prosperity in the planet, that Fye loves the Angelus World, and he is deeply attached to it. However, when the warning of an astral attack from the dark forces that threatened their planet, Fye tried to help with all he could, he helped all the Angelus to their escape pods, though he want to stay behind, and is willing to sacrifice for his love toward Angelus World, the Mistress forced everyone of the few that remains into the escape pod, he glance at Mistress of Angelus with a sorrow in his heart. After billions and millions of light years went by, his power replenish, and he revert to his recovery state by the moment he reach the Earth.

★Encounter :
Upon reaching the Earth, he stumbled upon a house trying to search for food. Feeling weak, he collapsed in front of the window of an apartment. Upon waking up, he found out that he rest on a soft pillow, with food and drink around him, and Vant was there too, smiling at him. He pats his head and Fye’s growl at him saying that he doesn’t have any right to touch, or pat him. The only one who can is Mistress of Angelus. Vant was quite surprise, but he didn’t want to alarm the talking cat much, and continue to smile. Vant assure him to take all the time he want and make himself at home. Things were quiet for a month, and Fye learn that animals in the Earth don’t talk like Angelus world do, and it was a mistake for him to talk like a human. He learned that he come crashing down in Rome, and the person who took him in is Vant. Feeling very wary, he continuously act caution around Vant, and he always noticed that Vant wear this particular brooch on his shirt and sometimes, he would see that Vant had the kind of sad yet happy look while holding the clockwork brooch. He would also sometime mutter out word while Vant holding the brooch in his hand. Unable to contain his curiosity anymore, he ask Vant, and start talking after being silent for more than a month. Vant was really surprised, he was thinking that the talking cat was actually a dream, but seeing that the cat open up to him, he tell him what the clockwork brooch mean to him and his life. Feeling touch by Vant’s loyalty, he finally opened up his heart to Vant and exchanged hearts.

★Present :
Vant moving out from his big house and is now leaving in a small apartment near the city of rome. He find it convenient to move in and out from the house, and the market, school, park, is quiet near to where he live now. The mansion from where he lives before is now being taken care of by his parents who finally come back from living abroad for several years, and they bring back his 7 year old sister. He would sometime visit them. Fye feeling comfortable being beside Vant is now acting like a pure cat he is. He would let Vant brush him and pat him, though he still don’t like the idea of getting bath now and then. He also found out that he loves cute things… well.. Vant is, and Fye is influence by it too. Now, he wears the bow which Vant give him as a present everywhere he go.

Weapon : Scythe
Being one of the famous weapon in myths story, Vant’s particularly like the weapon, the scythe had the ability to mention out the enemies weaknesses by pointing out red line to it, though it was quite impossible now due to Fye’s power.

Magical Move : Slashing Blaze-mid range attack
Vant’s have the ability to swish around the scythe and following by his experience handling various types of weapon, he had the skills to swings the scythe easier, though he still yet to learn how to swings the scythe more effectively while moving around.

Extra Info : <will be added later on>
Trivia :
Relationships :
Character themes :
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TheLostOctober Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

He's so beautiful!!!!!


I want him

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SO SESSYYYYY :iconamgtouchplz:
ChiakiAutumn Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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another interesting RP group...:iconheplz:
LemonCaramel Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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NixxiJun-Misfit Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
he is beautiful!
LemonCaramel Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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NixxiJun-Misfit Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome x3
rahmennoodlez Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Wow wow wow! What a beautiful application Lemon. //reaches for your mahouhou// He's awesome!! But let's get to business first.

Brawwr and I went over your app and actually didn't find anything to change. We thought that everything was well filled out, follows the plot relatively well, and explanations were efficient. So, with that said, WELL DONE!! We're happy to see applications like yours done thoroughly. 

Now back to where I was--- what a sad history :C I ship it, man. All the wei. Too bad it can't be canon since she's canonly DEAD. Sob. But I'm really looking forward to rping with you and getting to meet your mahou boy! Really great app! :] And we're super happy that your interested in joining. Thank you!
LemonCaramel Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much for going through my apps thoroughly-- :iconuhuhuhuplz: i hope your eyes ish okay-- considering that yeah-- it is a wall of text-- //:iconsrapplz:

aww-- there's more story into it-- and i killed his CANON since i would really love him to interact more character made by other's-- so yeah-- maybe he'll have the chance to meet another girl that is made by other's or if no one interest in having him, i will have to make him a girlfriend myself--- //killed
rahmennoodlez Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013
Kekekeke no problem! And UHUHUHUHUUU SAD FACE. I hope he can find a cute girlfriend *-*
riepocaliptica Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
He looks so cool in color Lemon senpai ; u ;
I can't believe I took part in shaping his personality
LemonCaramel Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks rieeee~~ :iconaawplz:

shh-- he's your bby too-- thanks for helping me in deciding his personality~
riepocaliptica Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
No problems :D The kitty is cute too ;P

Fuhahahaha, I shall be his fairy god mother xD
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